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Before starting this blog I remember a sentence by Brian Tracy “Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others”

Are you confused why I am marking Brian's sentence in starting? Don't worry; everything will be cleared at the end of this blog.

Bachelor Recipes one of the most popular recipe iPhone app (Free) comes with new fantastic feature in version 3.1 updated on June 13, 2013.

Download Bachelor Recipes for FREE: Click Here

This extensive feature gives you opportunity to share your own instant and quick recipe which bachelors or singles can try and if it’s selected it will appear in the app with your name on it. It is a very good chance to showcase your talent and become popular.

If you know such recipes which are easy to prepare and not require number of grocery items and take less time to be ready then don’t miss the chance!!!
You have to insert complete information about recipes. It's really simple.

Easy step to submit recipe via app

  1. Click on + button on top left side of Insta foods, homely food and quick deserts page.
  2. You can see submit button in bottom part of banner.
  3. Click on submit button, you can see submit recipe form.
  4. In first part, enter your personal details like your name, email address and country name.
  5. In second part, Enter recipe details like recipe picture(image size:275*114 px), recipe name, type, preparation time, cooking time, Overview text (Short description), Ingredients and Method (step by step).
  6. At the end click on submit button to submit your recipes.

Feel free to ask us for any question regarding app or its feature, we are ready to respond. Get connected with us via social media like Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.
<![CDATA[Smart Way To Organize Your Home Items]]>Tue, 11 Jun 2013 10:14:34 GMThttp://iphoneappnews.weebly.com/iphone-app-news/-smart-way-to-organize-your-home-itemsToday, I am going to write about my own home inventory management experience. As you know home management is your own study center of management where you are playing double role as a student & guide.

It is not easy to manage & track household items because there are number of small and large items including furniture, electronics items, art & decorative, valuable Jewellery, kitchen crockery items etc...

Before few months when I was careless about my home assets because I couldn't understand its actual importance but after a burglary I really got into a fix. In absence of the stolen items I was really upset, at that time I understood their importance in my routine life.

I took a decision to manage each and every small & big item inside my home because I was unable to calculate total loss after burglary.
I came across an app “Home Items Manager “which solved my problem.

“Home Items Manager “is an iPhone app to track and manage home assets. I would like to share few screens of Home Items Manager that can give you more idea about app.
In Home screen you can see six icons which directly give you answers to your quick questions like “How much total asset do I have at home?”.

“What is the total value of my home assets”, “How much have I lost in burglary? I need a history record, do I have it?”

Here are some of its features:

  • Store complete information of asset like price, date of purchase, invoice copies, insurance copies, location of that asset and much more.

  • Set items category wise like important assets, very important, basic

  • Calculate the cost of items with calculate feature

  • Calculate total loss at the time of natural disaster or robbery

  • Save lost assets history for future reference

  • App is pass code protected that keeps your details private

  • Works universally(Both in iPhone as well as in iPad)
I found this app very useful and I feel everyone should use it to manage your home items. Download the app from the store over here and share your reviews on it. Download App: Click Here

<![CDATA[Best Calculator Apps For Your iPhone And iPad]]>Fri, 31 May 2013 13:27:17 GMThttp://iphoneappnews.weebly.com/iphone-app-news/best-calculator-apps-for-your-iphone-and-ipadToday, I am talking about first revolutionary digital gift to humankind and as you know it is CALCULATOR. In 1960, First solid state electronic calculator was created. Pocket sized calculator device was generated after Intel's microprocessor invention. But in 1973, mobile phone came in picture & pocket sized calculator device dropped gradually.
Today in the era of smart phone I don't want to put history of calculator or mobile phone. I am sharing six most popular calculator iPhone apps which fulfill your daily needs of calculation.

1: PCalc: 
Pcalc is one of the most popular universal iPhone apps for calculating purpose. Its extensive features enable you to calculate number of scientific & engineering parameters. App is very useful for student, engineers, analyst & in fact every one. If you have not major need then you can download Pcalc Lite for absolutely free.

Price: $9.99

2: My Script:
This amazing iPhone app offer a unique handwriting experience just like on paper. You can write manually on your touch device & put mathematical function by your hand. App converts them into digital & calculates your equation instantly. I am suggesting this app for all of you once!!

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myscript-calculator/id578979413?mt=8
Price: Free

3: Tip Tax Discount Calculator
Tip Tax Discount Calculator iPhone app combines three calculator apps into a single app. You can calculate restaurant tip, split your bills, calculate sales tax or discount on your purchases. And you can save your calculation history for future reference too. This app is Free to download and has user friendly design.

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tip-tax-discount-calculator/id644904252?mt=8
Price: Free

4: Calc Pro- Calculator For iPhone
Calc Pro app for iPhone and iPad acts as powerful calculator as well as has 10 financial worksheets. Everything you require in routine life can be calculated by using this app. It includes base conversion, unit conversion, world currencies conversion, graphing and many more features.

Price: $7.99

5: Daily Calcs- Science Calculator
This science calculator app gives you perfection in your everyday task. This calculator calculates Morality, Dilution, Molecular Weight calculator, Cell culture reference charts, unit converter, transfection etc...
App is fully compatible with iPhone & iPad.

Price: Free

6: Salary Calculator
Salary Calculator iPhone app is useful to calculate your salary. You can count your salary by just moving slider of working days, hourly rate and work hours per day. You can move tax slider to calculate tax amount which you have to pay.

Its design is very cool to use.

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/salary-calculator/id322341381?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Price: $0.99

<![CDATA[7 Best Use Of iPhone For Women]]>Wed, 01 May 2013 13:53:13 GMThttp://iphoneappnews.weebly.com/iphone-app-news/7-best-use-of-iphone-for-womenAccording to statistics in 2012, there were 1.8 million smart phone users among 5 million users worldwide.

28.7% of smart phone market is covered by iPhone & 43 % of iPhone users are under the age of 34 years. And among them 47 % of smart phone users are women.

Whether she is a working women or a housewife, a mom or a CEO; technology has made women’s life easier and more manageable. I would present before you list of seven apps which solve some common problems of women and make them more efficient.
1: Dating:
Dating DNA is one of the most popular dating apps across the globe. You can access fully ethical and verified information about your best match. With keeping many factors in mind, app populates the best match results and that is the reason people love it.

Download from App Store: Dating DNA
Price: Free

2: Dressing: 
For every woman, dressing style is a no detachable part of her personality. You can manage and organize your closet with this virtual wardrobe app. Mix-match your outfits & accessories with this dressing room or share the style with your friends via facebook & twitter.

Download from App Store: Ease My Wardrobe
Price: $0.99

3: Shopping:
For women, shopping get first priority and eating, slipping later. Groupon covers 500 cities across the globe. There are many other shopping apps but you may hardly get such a big discount like Groupon. You can purchase services like spa treatments, fitness classes etc on very big discounted price.
Download from App Store: Groupon
Price: Free

4: Organize Purse:
Generally every woman carries lots of items in her purse. Every time, she has to check about all these items while going outside. What's In My Bag is completely unique concept designed only for women. App can help to create a list of items in your purse and you can use your device whenever you want to recheck anything.

Download from App Store: What's In My Bag
Price: $0.99

5: Organize Period :
Manage Menstrual cycle is not an easy task for any woman however she is professional or house wife or students because you have to schedule all other task accordingly. If you are using iPhone then you need not to worry, Your Menstrual cycle is now organized by world's most popular period tracker: i Period.

Download from App Store: i Period
                                       Price: Free

6: Organize Your Home Assets:
Manage all your home items with this app by adding all the details into this app. At the time of natural calamity or burglary this app can help you to check your loss. It can also store all your items details like insurance with their copies, date of purchase, price and manufacture details. With this app you can bring all your home assets details accessible from your smart phone.

Download from App Store: Asset Management
                                        Price: $0.99

7: Grocery Management:
Grocery Gadget is most successful apps for grocery management and number of reviewers and journalists reviewed it. You need not to make grocery list every time and you need not to type because you may scan bar codes too.

Download From App Store: Grocery Gadget                                          
Price: $0.99

These were some apps which solve day to day issues of women. Share your views and apps which help women to be more efficient and organized.
<![CDATA[Why every women require What's In My Bag iPhone App]]>Tue, 26 Mar 2013 12:00:11 GMThttp://iphoneappnews.weebly.com/iphone-app-news/why-every-women-require-whats-in-my-bag-iphone-appPicture
What's In My Bag is a women specific iPhone app which gives a smart way to organize your purse and handbag. App's design is lovely and has a pink touch to it.

Add all the items of your purse to the list in the app and you can track them while going out if anything is missing. The most attractive thing is its main screen where you can see your items in purse as small flowers and when you tap them you can see the picture of that item.

If you carry more than 30 items in purse then it is not a practical way to take pics of all those items. So app can give you simple way, take one common picture of it and crop items from it. You can find a quick guide in the app which will introduce to the app.

Five Reason why women should use What's In My Bag
  1. Someone ask about items which you carry in your purse generally. You can impress that person by checking in your app instead of finding in your purse manually.
  2. Going outside for shopping, walking, meeting etc, you can get update about which items you carried with you and which one you missed.
  3. Someone steals any item from your purse you can verify that by checking the list in the app.
  4. You are on a call and need to check whether you have that item in the purse, then just check the app 
  5. You can easily separate the necessary and unnecessary items of your purse and get rid of unwanted items in your purse.

You can download the app from iTunes and also send your suggestions via a support form. 

<![CDATA[Best Wardrobe Organizer App For iPhone And iPad Users]]>Wed, 20 Mar 2013 06:49:17 GMThttp://iphoneappnews.weebly.com/iphone-app-news/-best-wardrobe-organizer-app-for-iphone-and-ipad-usersPicture
What do you mean by Virtual Wardrobe Organizer? Well, It is a mobile technology concept in which one mobile app mix and match your daily dressing style instead of you. This concept is applied by number of people for developing such an application which can manage your outfits and other accessories like jewelry  belts, shoes, watches etc. Today, I am sharing my own experience and observation via this post.

I never interested to download unnecessary games or mobile apps which is just waste of time & money. But I like this concept and found this is really good & helpful for me. Because personally I believe “ Mobile Device has been designed for making our lives easy not complex”.

After analysis and observation of near around 10 to 12 apps for wardrobe management, One app named as “ Ease My Wardrobe” was selected by me and recently I have download it from iTunes.

This app is designed both for iPhone and iPad and well compatible with both device.

During my studies I found, EMW (Ease My Wardrobe) is reviewed by many popular iPhone App reviewers(App review site). I am just posting a common picture of the them.
You may go to site and search by typing “ Ease My Wardrobe” to read its review.

I am not a miser but I never like to overload my iPhone screen with unnecessary app and wasting my time. Below, I put three reason why EMW was selected among 10 to 12 wardrobe organizer app.

1: It's graceful design layout
2: Random Pick feature(Which mix match your outfits)
3: List of items which organize your wardrobe category wise

I don't like to list all the feature of app in this post because I can understand the value of time for you. In the end, I am just put my recommendation in favor of Ease My Wardrobe to all of you. And yes this app is not free, you can download it from iTunes (lifestyle category) by paying $0.99.